10 things you would understand only if you’re scared of ghosts!

Are you too scared of ghosts? Strange sounds at night scare the shit out of you? You don’t want to be left at home when nobody’s around and you really can’t sit through a horror movie without clutching the person who’s sitting beside you. If such things have happened to you, you will definitely relate to these 10 things that happen when you’re scared of ghosts!

1. You’ll have the most exciting ghost stories to share
Be it your experience or a story of a far off village. You have them on your fingertips during night stays!


2. You’ll always feel someone’s following you in deserted streets
Yes, it gets spooky for you to walk alone especially during nights. You always feel someone’s looking out for you.


3. You’ll hear weird sounds at night and get scared
It could be anything, probably silly kids jumping on the floor above, but you always get scared, thinking that it’s some ghost lurking in the corner of your room.

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4. Hiding under the pillow or bed-cover is the safest place for you whenever you’re scared
It doesn’t matter if your entire body is out. You just need to hide your face!

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5. You would refuse to be the last one in office
It doesn’t matter if your work isn’t over yet; you just need to run out of office before the last person gets out.


6. You’ll run to your bed after switching the lights off
You don’t want to be out of your bed, even if it’s for a second. You’re shit scared of darkness.

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7. You’re tagged as the ‘Scaredy Cat’ of the group and your friends leave no chance of playing pranks on you
And you’ll be like damn you!

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8. When you were a kid, you always wanted your sibling or your mom or dad to stand outside the washroom while you peed inside!
Hehe, yes, now that’s a super childhood secret!


9. You would never watch a horror movie alone
You always need to be with someone. Or else, you can’t survive through till the end.

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10. It becomes quite easy to get hugs from your loved ones
That’s the best part. Whenever you’re scared, just rush to your loved ones and they’ll embrace you tightly.


If you think I missed out on some points, feel free to add them in the comments section below!

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