15 things that tell you are a Garhwali

It’s quite interesting how easy it is to find out if one is a Punjabi or a Gujarati. Their ways are mostly predictable. But how about we tell you that it is easy to spot a young Garhwali like you!

These 15 typical Garhwali ways  can easily tell if you are a Garhwali by heart. Read on to know if you are complete Garhwali.

1. A Garhwali devours rice like no other! Your parents commonly call it jhungur while talking to each other in Garhwali.


2. Baalmithai is a known sweet to you that you bring every time you come back from your village. It is your substitute for chocolate.


3. All the female members in your house deck up wearing a big Nath (nathulu or pichor) during family and religious celebrations.


4. People should never call you Kumaoni. You are very particular about being a Garhwali and not a Kumaoni.

Garhwali vs. PahariSource

5. During your celebrations or weddings a ‘Chowmein’ stall is a must! It is the first stall to get over with food.


6. The sacred celebrations in your village are big & dramatic, but people don’t believe in it. Sometimes, women start to dance on trance drums as the ‘devta’ enters their body. 

devta entersSource

7. You can hear your family members humming, ‘Bedu Pako Baar Maasa’ all the time. It is now like your community’s anthem song.


8. Kothik and Langvir Nritya are the popular dances your family is fond of.

garhwali danceSource

9. Whenever 2 people (old generation) bid goodbye to each other, they say,  ‘Acchi baat’ instead of saying- see you soon!

aachi baatSource

10. One can notice that you, like most Garhwalis, reach a wedding venue on time because you or your family member are often scared of food getting over early.Why? Food actually gets finished at most Garhwali weddings in your village.

Chafing DishSource

11. “Surya Ust Garhwali Mast”. Garhwalis are known to enjoy drinks right after the sun sets. Seeing your uncles getting drunk every night is a common scene in your house.

surya ast garhwal mastSource

12. Bheji is used for bhai. Garhwali boys often use a lot bheji while talking to someone from Garhwal


13. You see old men from your village still dressing up in trousers, and shirts paired with sports shoes even at marriages.


14. No matter how modern you are, you are often called out as “ahaan myar laata”  by your grandmorther!

ahan myaar lataSource

15. When you plan a trip with your friends to your village or anywhere in Garhwal, all you are scared of is getting brushed by this scary plant. 


Share this article  with your friends from Garhwal right away! And shoot in any other popular trait of a Garhwali in the comments section below. Ciao! :)

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