Attention, men! 8 things that men do which are a major turn off for women

Dear men, I know it is not easy to woo women, but in case you’re trying hard and still not succeeding, you need to take a seat and read these points!

Being a gentleman with chivalry is a requisite, yes, but while doing so, as we have observed, men forget about certain basic things. What are some of the basic things you need to take care of? Read on:

1. Overconfidence: Women love confident guys, but overconfidence is a big NO! It only creates a massively wrong impression of you on her.


2. Arrogance: Never, ever be arrogant in front of her. Remember the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “A great man is always willing to be little.” Do apply it in your real life too!


3. Body odour: This is not talked about much, but trust me, it is extremely important. Where at one hand women love men who are into sports, they loathe men who directly come to see them stinking like a skunk #TrueStory.

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4. Personal hygiene: This point needs to be emphasized because a lot of men overlook its importance. You could be rugged, disheveled and hot, but not at the cost of your personal hygiene. 


5. Fake accent: ajust NO, a big, fat, NO to this. Fake accents are very irritating and can turn her mood off in a hiccup.

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6. Basic etiquettes: Be friendly, polite, reach on time, remove your goggles while you talk to her, if you’re bringing someone along, make sure to introduce that person, let her go first – these are the basic ones you need to be following!


7. PDA: while doing it over the top can be irritating, doing it subtly will be lovely.


8. Body Grooming- Men, keep this in mind- hairy Tarzans belong in the jungle. Your man-garden can be gross and a serious turn-off for her. So use something appropriate and get rid of it, ASAP.


Follow these basic tips and it will definitely up your game. And if you are looking to do some manscaping, folks at Philips can help you do so. Check out their range of their grooming products to raise your confidence that will lead to a greater intimacy with your partner, that too in style. style. And don’t forget, the tree looks taller without the underbrush.

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