20 things that tell you are addicted to online shopping in India

No matter how many times people tell you that your house is stuffed with things you don’t need, you keep buying. Oh! And you just went out at the door to receive your fifth online shopping parcel from the courier guy! How much you deny, you can’t escape the truth that you are an online shopping addict.

If 15 things out of the following happen with you, it proves that you are an online shopping addict. Read on to check your online shoping additcion quotient!

1. Your Facebook page always has small online shopping site ads all the time and yes, you can’t escape the sponsored ones too!

online shopping sites on Facebook timeline

2.  You have started to keep shopping online a secret though you think everybody knows it already.

you are trying hard dearSource

3. Your email inbox is flooded with emails from all the popular online shopping sites that you are about to visit.

email inbox online shoppingSource

4. Why go to the grocery store when you can shop online? Here comes the grocery in less than 30 minutes!

shop onlineSource

5. Whenever you receive a call from your office’s reception, people know that you have been called to receive your order from the courier guy.

oh goodySource

6. All the courier service guys now remember you by your name and you remember them by their faces! :|

black belt in shoppingSource

7. Whenever you see a new online shopping site, your fingers order the hottest product you like automatically .

shopping online cat using mouseSource

8. Your budget diary is filled with A4 sized printed bills you received from the shopping sites.

shopping bills dollarsSource

9. You encourage your friends to trust and buy online products.


10. Your friends contact you whenever they have problem trusting any product’s quality or shopping site.


11. You have a habit of checking what’s new on your favourite shopping site after every hour!

shopping online on phoneSource

12. You secretly shop online at work.

secret online shoppingSource

13. You sometimes forget what you had ordered when your courier arrives.

thanks brainSource

14. You mostly indulge in online shoppping because you have oniomania.

Because when I shop the world gets betterSource

15. The homepage of your computer is one of your favourite online shopping sites.


16. All your credit cards are maxed out and you still have to order that last pair of shoes left on XYZ.com


17. Your house and office desks are covered with cardboard boxes of the shoes and clothes you bought.

shopping boxes shoesSource

18. You get at least 15 messages from online shopping sites, daily!

message on mobile for online shoppingSource

19. When you receive a notification that the order can’t be dispatched within a week or is cancelled, you get extremely pissed.


20. You end up sleeping late because you spend the night in deciding what shoes to buy and from which online shopping site.


And you get to work like this the next day

wearing glassesSource

Calculate your scores and tell me if you are one of the online shopping addicts! :)