16 things our siblings do to embarrass us!

No matter how well you behave or how smart and decent you keep your image in front of everyone or on your Facebook profile, your young siblings will always do something to embarrass you.

1. They disclose your secrets!
You learn that your cat is the best person to keep your secrets safe from everyone and not your brother/sister.


2. You will not know when they showed yours friends some of your old nude and ugly teenage pictures.
And all you do is sit quietly while everyone is having a good laugh. :-/

old funny picturesSource

3. They will address your girlfriend with your Ex’s name!
SILENCE prevails for a few minutes in the room!!!

so awkwardSource

4. They will upload some of your funny pictures and tag you on Facebook.
What the hell!

what the hellSource

5. If you tell them you don’t want to add them on their Facebook account, they write on your wall something like this.


6. They will play sick Bollywood or Honey Singh songs and dance in the house when your friends are over.
The worst is when they ask you to join them too.

Honey singh's sick musicSource

7. They tell everyone what you wear when there is no one in the house.
Just boxers, old tattered T’s and faded shorts with plenty of holes.

silk boxersSource

8. They show your friends you secret diary.
Now, now! This is too much.

my secret diarySource

9. They loudly declare they want to take a dump and that you will have to help them with it.


10. They call you with your funny nick name when you are surrounded by people you want to leave a good impression on.
You can’t wait to get home to give them a piece of the angry you.

what's my nameSource

hey cuddlesSource

11. They fight on your Facebook/Instagram/Google+ profile with you.
So you fight twice with them – on Facebook and back home for picking up a fight on Facebook.


12. They tell your crush you like them, leaving you dumb founded.
You seriously have nothing to say at the moment so you run home to beat the shit out of your siblings.

I am going to die aloneSource

13. They tell you to play house-house in front of a good looking someone.
That’s totally embarrassing! You only played with them when you were kids.


14. If you borrowed their clothes for a party, they will announce it like some big news.
And you wish the earth to open and swallow you inside it when people look at you.


this is why we cant have nice thingsSource

15. They call you ugly, fat, dumb, terrible etc. in front of the people.
You wish there could be a filter fit to their mouths.


16. When at a store you select a t-shirt or anything for you, they tell you you won’t fit in because you are fat in front of your friends and people.
They just don’t know when to keep their damn mouths shut!

fits me nowSource

But at the end of the day, we love them unconditionally, no matter what! Use comments section to share your embarrassing incidents caused by your sibling with me. Ciao!

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