19 things that are bound to happen when you date a writer

Oh you met him/her sitting in the cafe or your office cab reading a book and you fell in love with them. The second time you saw them they were writing in their diary? And then you couldn’t wait any longer or hold yourself back, so you asked them out and now it has been a year since you have been dating your writer beau and your relationship is funny, and irritating and yet, you both are happy.

Congratulations!*** Read these 19 funny things that are bound to happen when you are dating a writer. Just because you asked for them when you asked your partner out! :P

1. They will be lost most of the time and you will never know what they are thinking!


2. They will always correct your grammar in all situations. Even when you are fighting with them.

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3. They will tell you to read what they wrote but they don’t really care about you opinion and if they do,  you do not say what they want to hear.


4. You get jealous when they tell you about that ‘interesting new writer/artist they met at an event’.

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5. You are told you don’t respond the way they desire you to at important situations.

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6. They will choose the book over you for the weekend.

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7. They won’t sleep until they have finished the book.

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8. You will be disappointed with the amount of books cluttered in their house.

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9. You will try your hands at reading books so that your partner finds you interesting enough.

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10. Watching a movie is never easy! They will always criticize movie plots and characters.

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11. You will see them spending time with other cool and creative people. :(


12. Writers are control freaks!

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13. Writers also think of themselves as photographers so your food will first go through a photo-shoot so that they can instagram about what they are going to eat.


14. You will catch them staring at faces in public! They don’t flirt around a lot but they find faces interesting to look at. To them faces talk about their characters and their stories.


15. Writers remember everything! You may tell them to forget an incident, but they won’t listen at all to you. A few good, bad and the smallest of incidents have left a great mark on them. They might probably write about them or how they felt about them in the near future.

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16. Most writers find it difficult to even publish their writings even on tumblr. You will listen to them talking a lot about what they wrote for themselves but it will never be published.

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17. Your Facebook posts are under their vigilance. They will tell you what you wrote wrong.

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18. Even though they are free, they still have a lot of work to do. So you might find them working late night.


19. Your partner is far better at writing what they feel about than being vocal about it. They are mostly found dumb when they are asked to talk what they have in their minds. Basically, they want you to already know everything. If brain to brain talking was possible for everyone, they will be the first ones to give it a shot.

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