15 things every loner wants you to know

You might just be a little different in your own way  – sitting quietly by the window, getting fascinated by small plants, ants or just the worn window sill. You could be silent, and sometimes you could talk a lot too, picking out selective words and topics from your really cluttered and already occupied mind.

You might zone out too, making everyone think you aren’t paying much attention, but what can you do? You are a loner.

1. Introvert! Why _you _no _call _me _a _loner?
Nobody understands that a loner and an introvert are two different people. And we still have to listen to everyone calling us shy and introvert.

I am a bit of a loner

2. We  strongly prefer our own company to the company of others; that does not mean we don’t like you.
We say it but nobody really understands it!


3. Sometimes, we are called insensitive!
At sad occasions we leave you alone because we think you would prefer to be alone to clear your head of things that worry you. This doesn’t mean we are insensitive.


4. We have a strong desire to be free but nobody gets it.
We like to do our things alone; we don’t like the idea of asking anyone for permission.


5. We do most of our things ourselves.
Good people like to offer us help but find it rude when we tell them we can handle it.


6. We live by our own terms.
A lot of people don’t like the freedom we exercise over our lives.


7. Loners are not bad people. To hell with all the movies which show us as villains or psychos.
They find us mysterious so they make movies on us just for the heck of it.


8. We get bored easily.
And on top of it, we like to be alone. Yeah, we are total weirdos. But we seem to like it!


9. A lot of people don’t understand us so they hate us.
Human nature! We seem to have no problem with it until everyone decides to say a ‘no’ for help to us.


10. We don’t need anyone to validate our existence.
We strongly know we exist and that’s the end of the discussion.


11. People should know that we are not hateful towards humanity.
We like to be alone doesn’t mean we hate people.

Nikola Tesla, the famous author, Ayn Rand, James Franco, Mischa Barton, Kristin Kreuk, Kim Basinger, Taye Diggs, Nicole Kidman and Sigourney Weave are some of the famous loners! They never harmed anybody. :)


12. We are not good at small talks.
That’s why we hardly get to be friends with anyone. If you make the move, great! If not, we both will go home losing an opportunity to know each other. And we have lost many of such opportunities.

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If you are confused whether you are a loner or an introvert, take an online test. There are many to help you know yourself.

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