16 things every Indian bride goes through before getting married

We can’t deny that it’s quiet a big deal to get married in India. The bride to be goes through A LOT! The earlier all excited and happy aunties, later crying over the fact that you are now about to leave your house (Babul ka Des) is quiet a not-happy sight.

The bride lives with both good and bad feelings about getting married as soon as the agreement of ‘Rishta Pukka’ happens. And this is not it! There is a long list of things that the bride has to make peace with.

1. “Kya karta hai ladka?”, “Khud ka ghar hai na?” “Kitni gaadiyaan hai?” “Saans ka nature kaisa hai?” “Tum log kahan mile the first meeting pe?”
You already have a cold feet at the moment and on top it your aunties will start grilling you with their questions.

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2. You will go through a lot of anxiety over your decision to marry.
You are going to be your sensitive best.

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3. “Kaisa lag raha hai ab jo tumhari shaadi pukki ho gayi hai?” “Excited?”
From an 8 year old niece to the oldest Mamaji, everyone will be excited to know how you feel. You will be asked this question so many times that you will avoid smiling while answering the question.

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4. Love marriage or arranged marriage? Be prepared with your answer!
If they had a hint about it being a love marriage, they will still ask to confirm the rumour or to tell everyone that you are lying.

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5. Annoying questions- “How did you meet the boy?” “How did you start dating”
Be prepared to share your love story.

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6. And if they find the boy good looking they will ask if the boy has any siblings so they could find a good rishta for their kids.
Like you will really want to stay with their kids in the same house.

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7. Aunties will play tholaki and you will dance along with your sisters and girl-friends!
You will like this part a lot!

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8.  The quest to find the best Shaadi Lehanga begins!
You will have 100s of trips to shops to find that one Bridal Lehanga.

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9. You will hate shopping for the first time in your life!
Tiring visits with sore heals to shopping malls, markets, jewellery shops and boutiques for an entire month or may be more is going to get on your nerves!

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10. If you are going to have a love marriage, the rule about not-meeting-the-boy-before-marriage becomes strict.
People are going to have a watchful eye on you.

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11. You will bless your salon team for helping you get relieved of all the tensions.
One of the things you love about this time is going to salon for your pre-bridal treatments!


12. You will automatically eat less.
You will not have to watch your weight. The nervousness and 100s of tasks before the Big Day along with emotional conversations with relatives will watch your diet plan.

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13. You will enjoy all the attention
You are so going to enjoy being the center of attention as everyone would want to feed you food and be around you.

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14. “Honeymoon pe kahaan ja rahe ho?” “Switzerland is a great place!”
Your honeymoon will become the second most important thing after marriage.

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15. Cooking lessons.
Yes, this does happen!

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16. You will become nostalgic.
You will think about the good time spent at home with your family.


Relax and take light! I wish you have a good time on your big day! :)



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