15 things only an overly romantic person will understand

Are you a die hard romantic? Do you like to sit with your partner in silence and live the moment? Do you understand the significance of silence when the two of you are together? – Take a break.

What if ‘he/she’ doesn’t understand a tad of it?

Here we bring to you a list things that only you, an overly romantic, can understand!

1. Your emotions are misunderstood for anything but romance!
Because you are can’t express yourself.

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2. You always end up explaining how you felt about a certain situation!

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3. You are always told you are too sensitive by your partner!
Because you are always needy.


4. You make simple things special or a celebration!
And no one understands the beauty of it. :(


5. You never get bored of candle light dinners
Naah, no way! :)

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6. You find double dates boring!
Because you don’t get to spend a lot of time with your partner.


7. You always feel you don’t get enough of her/him!
You wished you could stick to them like a tattoo.

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8. No one understands the significance of a romantic number that magically plays when you turn up the radio.
It feels best when they are with you! <3

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9. Every love song speaks to you!
Aww! They so do.

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10. You love to hear ‘I love you’ everyday!
If they miss to say it, you find something missing in your day.

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11. Things that happen in romantic movies are real to you.
Err! Not to them.


12. You want all your dates to be special in one way or the other
No, it has nothing to do with gifts or dressing up only things that are never said but felt.


13. Your love is unique to you!
And of course your partner for reasons they don’t understand!

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14. You find it difficult to express your feeling with words!
Hence, you are always dumb-numb founded.


15. You always think it would have been better if  your partner could express a few things differently (romantically)!
You sure do!

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And finally, all we want to say is we empathize with you! :)

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