15 things only a person from the field of advertising will understand

“Kya apke toothpaste main namak hai? Life ko rangeen banaiye. Pehle istemaal kare phir vishwaas kare, aaya naya ujala chaar bondoo walan aahan.”

Well I am not crazy; I am just brushing your knowledge about advertising. But have you even once thought about how these ads are made? Enter an advertising agency; you will see a bunch of crazy people working over a single advertisement.

Just read the following points and you will come to know about the scenario. It’s Crazy!

1. The word brand revolves around their life 
From the time you get appointment letter to the time you feel like leaving the organization and running to Himalayas, the word ‘brand’ becomes your lifeline. “You know you are here to create a brand”. “Your brand will change the thinking of the masses”

2. Be creative, think out of the box
First of all, the above set of two phrases have no definition, but it is to be used every time while making a new ad.

Being creative and thinking out of the box will define your promotion. As they say, “there is no place for dull minded people”. Mind it!

3. “Will the audience appreciate?”
Even after making 10 award winning ads, the advertiser in his/her 11th ad will think, “I hope the audience will appreciate my efforts”. “Audience ko kyan de? Kuch naya sochna padega.” Somehow, to satisfy the needs of population of more then 1 million is simply not easy.

reason 3Source

4Photoshop aata hai na?
The first question will always be about Photoshop. Sometimes people in advertising name their particular laptop or computer as Photoshop. Why? They are not seen doing anything else on that computer. Their life begins and ends with Photoshop.



5Draft by lunch, submission by evening
You know why people from every generation hate their bosses? It is because of reasons like these. Unrealistic deadlines and when asked, they very calmly reply, “I am just checking your potential, Mr. Sharma and trust me you have got a long way to go”

reason 5


6. Huge gap in the brief, expectations and the budget of the clients
The image explains it all.funny-client-budget-meme


7. Criticizing every single TV, Print and online ad
Next time if you see a person standing on a road, staring at a big hoarding and taking to himself, don’t worry, he is one of those advertising guys.

Yes, they end up criticizing all the types of advertising.

8. Watching advertisements is the only thing left in the world
From “Kya aap close up karte hai” to “Janta Maaf nahi karegi”, they will watch all sorts of ads to pick some creative point for their new ad.


9. Unrealistic working hours
Many don’t know this, but once you are in this industry, you will have to sleep, eat, drink, exercise, fight ,wake up and do everything inside your office. Why waste petrol? Just stay in the office.

working hours

10. Characters in your ad look dull
Your boss will say this every time you present your new ad. “Ye kya hai, isko zinda karo bhai, ye nahi chalega”
Sometimes you feel like you will be dead by the time your characters will be alive!


11Celebrities! Use them
As if celebrities are all the time free to endorse products. It sounds somewhat true, but it’s equally difficult to crack through their managers and to get their dates!


12.  Do not copy
See 100 award winning ads, pick one theme and use them, but it should not look copied. You tell them to get inspired from a theme but it should not look copied. Do you know what you are speaking?

what the hell

13. Characters should look sexy. Photo shoot budget – Rs. 10
No seriously, kill me please!


Yes, this is something they have to work on every time. “Look for some big idea”, “big ideas will help you in promotion”, “a big idea will change your life”

Employees one day will be seen asking “Big idea de do bhai”


15. Hai accha, par maza nahi aaya bilkul bhi
After days of hard work, when you will submit the ad, after watching silently for 15 minutes the boss will say “Umm, maza nahi aya”

Shoot me !


Yes, that is a difficult life. But people are still passionate and crazy about their advertising jobs, you know why? Because of the love they get from viewers like us.

Do tell us if your job is same or worse, in the comments section below!

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