18 things only a girl who drives a bike will relate to!

So you think that the whole idea of ‘bikes are meant for guys’ is delusional? Do you love driving bikes and maybe you already own a Bullet or any other bike? Do you think driving a bike is way too much better than any other vehicles? I feel you, then!

It has not been very long that I have started driving a bike, but nevertheless, I have already come across a hell lot of comments from people around me.

Like me, if you too love driving bikes, you’re surely going to understand the following things that I have been going through, lately!

1. Ladki hoke bike chala rahi ho? Activa ya Scooty kyu nai chalati?
Because I am way too cool for that, bro.


2. Jab saree ya salwaar kameez pehnogi, tab kaise manage hoga?
I might pull up the saree till my knees and even wear sports shoes below, hope that works.


3. Nai who toh theek hai, par traditional par suit bhi nai hoga bilkul bhi.
So yes, my main concern is driving the bike, not giving a damn about how it’ll look.

anushka on bike


4. Clutch, gears, breaks, accelerator – yeh sab ko mix mat kar dena.
Jee nahi. This is a bit different than cooking.



5. Helmet pehnoge toh baal kharab nai ho jaayenge?
Refer point 1. Not that I care about how my hair looks, though.



6. Tum bike chalaoge toh tumhara husband/boyfriend kya chalaega? Scooty?
He might, if he wishes. Just FYI, we go on road trips together, on separate bikes.

Siddhartha malhotra


7. Car kyu nai?
Kyu ki Sharma ji ke beti bhi wahi chalati hai. Seriously, refer point 1.

sameera reddy bikeSource

8. Office pohochke phone kar dena ke tum sahi salamat ho
Of course I would, it’s like walking bare feet on a layer of burning coal. I totally understand your concern.


9. Friends be like,”sweetie, you might end up dating a girl with that bike.”
Yeah, I’m super awesome like that.


10. Friends be like, “oh, you are driving a bike, let me take a video and share it everywhere that I can.”
Dude, cut out the melodrama.


11. You are always treated as the 8th wonder of the world when seen riding on the streets
And you love to see their reactions!


12. People will assume you to be the most strongest and independent woman of your town
Which of course you are, bike, or no bike!



13. HOG members will take pride in you
And you know you will own a Harley Davidson soon, if not now!


14. Not macho-ism, but you symbolize feminism to its core
Because you don’t need to drive like a guy, you are what you are!


15. You are perceived to be free and self dependent
And you are very proud of it!


16. You might be hopes for other women
Seeing their heads turning, rather than men.



17. But you are the queen of your own world, with headphones plugged in
And listening to your favorite music.

bike womenSource

18. And leaving everything aside, that feeling of cool wind hitting your face…
Makes you feel prettier!



So yes, we girls come across a lot of things usually, but some of us who drive bikes have a very unique set of comments we come across regularly. I managed to jot down the ones which I come across regularly. In case you come across any other than these, let’s talk about it in the comments section below!