A salute to the two men who died while stopping a suicide bomber from blowing up a mosque

A suicide bomber dressed as a woman in a ‘bhurka‘ was stopped by two brave men in Saudi Arabia from blowing up a mosque. The two brave-hearts along with unnamed person died as the suicide bomber blew the bomb inside a car.

the boys who stopped the suicide bomber


Arbash was a student at a college in Kansas, USA, and had got married, according to Middle East Eye.



ISIS declared that it had sent the ‘martyr’ to blow up the Dammam mosque. The suicide bomber was stopped at the security check point.

The two boys have been regarded as modern day soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save their people.




The suicide bomber blew up the bomb in a car during the Friday prayers. Here’s the video of how people reacted inside the mosque.  



Arbash’s mother, Kowther al-Arbash who is a reporter for Al Jazirah, a Saudi daily. She shared an emotional statement on Twitter that describes her son as a “martyr” and a “lover of people” who had “rushed toward the terrorist with an explosive belt” instead of running away with fear.


May the souls of the two brave-hearts rest in peace.