#TheSeinfeldSituation: “A satire about nothing” on the cancelled Jerry Seinfeld’s show in Mumbai; hilarious!

You know about the Seinfeld Situation in Mumbai, correct?

The popular actor-comedian, Jerry Seinfeld‘s show at the Stage 42 Festival got cancelled for irresponsible reasons from the organizers’ end – parking and traffic. Many aspiring and new-age comics wanted to be a part of his show along with Seinfeld’s fans in Mumbai. So the comedians from Comedy Cartel, Rohan Desai, Naveen Richard, Adhiraj Singh, and Kashyap Swaroop created this video which is a “satire about nothing” in India. Comics Naveen and Adhiraj play the Indian version of “Jerry” and “George” from Seinfeld as they argue about the cancelled show.

This is the best act so far created by a group of talented comedians. Kudos!