These 6 posters brilliantly tell how social media has changed our daily lives

Owing to the highly developed technology and the blessings of social media, our lives and how we socialize in them has changed totally! While there are some really awesome things that technology and social media together got us introduced to, there are a few things which make us reminisce the good ol’ days. Who would have imagined, what we did in our ’90s will be considered ‘old-school’! So, what will you call the days that we ’80s kids called old-school, super old-school? The Stupid Design’s regular contributor : Shireesha Siri made this series that cleverly explains the difference between our social media less past and social media centered present with these minimalist designs.

1. When we spent time going through our old albums instead of scrolling down through our Instagram accounts.




2. When carrying and sharing resumes was a professional thing.




3. How we pinned our favourite pictures on our pinboards with the real thumb pins!




4. How we can both talk and see our loved ones travelling abroad. 




5. How we went out to experience different things in life versus how we watch everything online without stepping out to experience anything for real. 




6. How we maintained a diary of every food joint that delivered food.