Meet Ishwar Singh, a former gardener and watchman, now a college principal!

Hard work pays off!  The inspiring story of 48-year-old Ishwar Singh Bargah who has earlier worked as a salesman, gardener and a night watchman proves it.

Ishwar now has a more respectable job and is working as a college principal. His story sets a great example for everyone who aspires to become big one day. The hope, one day I will rise above my current life state goes a long way with a positive attitude. 

This man was a gardener and a watchman before he became a college principal


When Ishwar was only 19, he came to Bhilai seeking job after finishing his school education in Ghutiya village and Baitalpur. He was appointed as a salesman at a cloth store at Rs.150 per month. He wanted to continue his studies so he kept a little sum aside from his salary and applied for a B.A. course. He also started working as a gardener in Kalyan College, Bhilai. All this happened in the year 1985. He graduated in 1989 before which he took up several jobs. He worked as a a gardener, a parking stand keeper, and as a supervisor at a construction site.

After receiving his degree, Ishwar worked as a craft teacher in the college run by Chhattisgarh Kalyan Shiksha Samiti during the day and as a watchman during the night.

Impressed with his dedication and hard work, the college authorities appointed Ishwar as an assistant professor.

Because Ishwar had immense interest in studies, he continued learning and completed MEd, BPEd and MPhil from the same college.

Later, the samiti recommended Ishwar’s name for their new college Chhattisgarh Kalyan Shiksha Mahavidyalaya in Aheri. In 2005, Ishwar joined the college as principal on deputation.

“I was provided enough support and guidance by Professor TS Thakur, the then principal of the college, PK Shrivastav (HoD, Education), Dr HN Dubey (HoD Chemistry) and JP Mishra, who always stood by me to support me,” he told TOI. “I was shortlisted twice for Jabalpur Education College through Pre-BEd examination but could not join owing to lack of finances,” Ishwar told TOI.

Ishwar loves to read inspirational stories (we think, his story is by far the most inspirational) and listens to lectures. He believes the college authorities have always been behind his success.

News Source: Times of India

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