15 times when the next generation of kids will have the coolest set of parents, ever

You know you have become an uncle/auntie when you say, “aaj kal ke bacche!” Though we have a reason to say this more than often – the kids these days are so different than how we were, during our childhood days.

Thinking on these lines, a thought struck my mind – how different the kids of the next generation will be. Having said that, it got me thinking why they will have the coolest set of parents. Here’s why –

1. Their parents will understand their urges to get wasted


2. Explaining their life goals won’t be a problem. Mostly, their parent would be neither a doctor nor an engineer and probably would be doing good in life


3. They will never know the horror effects of  “Beta, shaadi kar lo.”

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4. They will never have to give an explanation for a bad Math score. Their parents would know that marks don’t decide the future.

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5. The importance of travelling and finding peace within self would be taught to them by their parents!


6. Breakups would be a lot easier to deal with because of having super cool parents around.

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7. Being single till 25-28 won’t be anywhere close to being an issue. Their parents would have married late themselves!

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8. Switching jobs and careers till they find their dream job won’t be something that will need an explanation.

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9. Unlike us, their parents will be the first ones to meet their girlfriends and boyfriends.


10. They’ll not have much explaining to do if they hate to socialize


11. They will support the idea of being fiercely independent before getting married.


12. They’ll probably understand your need to have a grammar nazi partner if they’re finding one for you :D



13. They’ll most probably never have to hear, “shaadi kyu nahi karni? Kahi gay/lesbian toh nahi ban gaye tum?”

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14. Being a girl, it would be okay to not be able to cook because there won’t be any nagging aunties around to piss them off!

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15. Lastly, those kids will never have any excuses to hide the hickeys. Sigh. (Not sure if this was an advantage, but anywho, included here :D)



Got any other reasons why you think the next generation of kids will have the coolest set of parents? Let’s talk, in the comments section below!

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