Superwoman gets lucky, goes on a date and comes back terrified! Here’s why?

Superwoman goes on a date with the hottie, FouseyTube and it goes bad? Yes, that’s true! After having a great time on their date, Superwoman tells her date, she is not scared of anything and she just wants to get home because it is “getting late”. When FouseyTube tells her that she is scared because she thinks he is a serial killer, she rubbishes it and decided to enter his house. And then starts the whole trouble.

The Most Terrifying Date Ever - like other guys

FouseyTube tells about her dead mother presence in the room and Superwoman being herself is not scared of it at all and even talks about the best thing ever- Food!

The Most Terrifying Date Ever - blood The Most Terrifying Date Ever - period

But Superwoman ain’t scared of ghosts!

The Most Terrifying Date Ever - they are hereThe Most Terrifying Date Ever -pizza

The only thing that made her get completely terrified is beyond your imagination. Watch the video to find out what scared Superwoman. 

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