This little stray dog pays for this man’s act of kindness in the way you can not believe

The world becomes a cupcake-sort-of-a-sweet-place with simple yet great acts of kindness. This story will give you a great morning feel. Here it goes! A young business man was buying food from a food-stand when he noticed a gorgeous girl talking on her phone. That very moment a dog approached the man.

looking at the girl

Forgetting about the gorgeous girl, the young man, who was about to eat his afternoon snack from the food-stand, gave the dog his food.

The dog could not believe that the young man could give all of what he was intending to eat to it.

giving the dog his food

The kind man’s reaction to the hungry dog, left a great impression on the innocent voiceless animal that it decided to pay the young man off for his act of kindness in the ways you can never imagine.

He saved a parking space for him in the busy work area.

saved a parking space

Washed his car.

ashed his car

Did not let the birds drop any shit on it.

did not let the birds drop the shit

Did not let any stray dog pee near his car.

did not le any stray to piss near his car


Did not let anyone come near his car.

did not let anyone come near his car


And even became the young man’s wing-man.

and even acted as a wingman


This video will restore your faith in kindness and will uplift you.


This video is originally Thailand’s Kiatnakin bank‘s commercial.