This little terminally ill boy becomes a Police Chief for a day

Not everyone in this world gets to complete their dreams before they die, but this little boy from Karimnagar from Hyderabad fulfills his, by becoming the Chief of Hyderabad police for a day! Sadiq is just 10 years old and is suffering from cancer. As his wish, he told ‘Make a Wish Foundation’, a voluntary organization that works with terminally ill children that he wanted to be police commissioner.

Wearing a Khaki uniform and a cap, the little police commissioner of the day saluted back to the police officers. He said, “I want to maintain peace and catch rowdies”, to the reporters.

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Hyderabad police chief Mahendar Reddy when came across the little one’s wish, he readily agreed to step aside for a day, saying he would be happy to fulfill little Sadiq’s wish.

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