14 things only a tea addict can relate to

There are some habits that do not change. One of them is to have a cup of tea right in the morning. The addiction is so bad that the entire day gets ruined for you if you did not step out of your house after sipping on a refreshing cup of tea. Here are 14 things a tea-totter can relate to.

1. The first thing you need in the morning is a refreshing cup of tea.

drining tea


2. Your office breaks are mostly spent at the nearest tea stall or the office vending machine. 

drinking tea outside


3. If you miss your morning cup of tea, you end up being cranky and irritated until you get to drink your first cup of tea. 

benedict cumberbatch


4. Headaches! You are so addicted to tea that if you don’t get to drink it, you start getting headaches.

hug in a cup tea


5. You have had tea at every restaurant and café, you know where to get the best cup of tea in town. 

lady gaga tea


6. You also know where to get a refreshing cup of tea at 6 am in the morning.

tea stall


7. There is no limit to how much tea you can drink in a day. 

addams familySource

8. You are a genius when it comes to making tea.

makign tea


9. You do not like to share your cup of tea with anyone.Sip-tea


10. If you do not like a certain kind of tea, you do not like it. End of discussions. 



11. When you go to your friend’s place, they always serve you tea. 

pouring tea


12. Your kitchen shelf is loaded with all kinds of tea & tea bags.



13. You find people who drink tea interesting.

gwen stefani


14. Whether you are sad, happy, frustrated or tense, a cup of masala chai is always a good idea.



Tea? :)

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