8 things a bad break up teaches you for life

An unwanted break up is the saddest part of our lives ever! If anything you could learn from a break up, it will be many life lessons. How you should have dealt with your partner, how much priority you should have given to your old friends and old friendships and how much space you need as a person. Here are 10 things a break up could teach you.

1. No matter what, we all fall in love again!

You do not need to fall in love with a person all the time. You can fall in love with your passions and hobbies too. I have met a lot of people who found wonderful partners after a messy break up and even those who have fallen in love with their passion to travel, to write poetry and to write and sing beautiful songs because they could pursue them.

love again


2. The importance of giving each other space.

A break up also teaches us how important it is to give each other all the space we need. Giving your partner no time to pursue his own hobbies and interests may put him off and make you a clingy partner too. Instead, pursue your interests and let him pursue his.

giving each other space


3. You understand the importance of friends.

You might have ignored your friends a lot when you were in a relationship but when you are off a relationship, who do you go back to? Friends! A break up teaches us the importance of friendship and friends in life.



4. Reminds you of you your goals and dreams.

Many a times we ignore our dreams or ambitions because we do not leave our partners and settle in a different city, we reject big opportunities for our relationships. Break up teaches you that you should have followed your dreams.

life goals


5. For the first time in your life, you will be able to understand what sort of a person your Ex was.

“He was a little different from me! May be that’s why.”



6. You can’t force or plan things. What’s meant to be will be.

we come peace


7. Crying is a waste of time. 

A break up teaches us that crying does not help. The way to respond to a heart break is not crying. You only need to get used to doing things alone most of the time now.



8. YOLO.

You only live once! Live in the moment. Going back to your memories and crying over them won’t help. Cherish them and look forward to happiness in life.




I hope this helps you come out of your broken relationship and makes you a better person, lover and friend.


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