7 things that are under your control in life

To be happy is a state of mind and mind is the biggest culprit behind every negative thing you feel. While you can’t control all that is happening around you, what you can control are some things you better put a leash on. Here are 7 things you can exercise control and you better!

1. Breathe in and out, slowly


You must give breathing a generous amount of time. To be able to focus on your breath while breathing is way more important than doing just anything else to control your mood or to act during an unpleasant situation.

2. Talk about the problem

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If you think you are a negative thinker and you keep criticizing yourself, just count the number of times you tell yourself all the bad things. You will be surprised to learn how much negative you had become and will realize your boyfriend was right when he told you “you are better than this, baby” “you deserve better and you can have it only if you allow yourself”. The negative voices inside you are a part of you and they need to shun down forever. Say better things to yourself to get all the negative talking away.

3. Be grateful and say thanks


OK! To say thank you is something we do by default but to mean it is a different case. Be grateful of things you have and appreciate those who help you. You will feel good yourself.

4. Body language


No, I am not talking about Kid Ink’s sexy song, “Body Language”. I am talking about a powerful stance to strike to feel confident and to display confidence. A powerful stance with arms on your hips and feet planted wide, increases testosterone and decreases the stress hormone cortisol. Think about it before any challenging moment.

5. Like to move it, move it


It is important to have a physical activity in your schedule. Walking helps in increasing creativity and spending at least 20 minutes in the gym or exercising at home will help you with focus and creativity too.

6. Eat right


Junk, processed food and sugar are all your enemies. Eat a balanced diet by including carrots or fruits in your diet. Sugar increases mood swings and junk food makes you mind slow and sad.

7. Sleep mode on


Sleeping well and for good hours is important for better focus and concentration, and good performance. It keeps hunger under control, and takes care of many health problems.

Happiness is a state of mind that only you can create!

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