This spoof of Swades hits harder than the movie; it’s a much watch for every Indian

Shudh Desi Gaane does it again! The popular YouTube channel has brought another video which you can’t help but share. While most of their videos have a funny angle, this one is a bit different. This parody video of Swades’ Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera is one video that every Indian should watch, today.

India has come a long way since it gained its independence 69 years ago from today. The country where majority of the people are eating off the hands of poverty, is rich! Extremely rich in pollution. Skirted in layers of litter spread around everywhere, India’s politicians are a apart of ugly cut-throat politics. People are divided and discriminated. Illiteracy has doomed the youth and hence, the country. Exploitation is at every corner. The power of money is more recognizable than of good intentions. Nothing moves until officials and cops are given enough bribes to motivate them to get their asses off their chairs. If you think we need to get rid of our #Kachhedin , share this video right away!.