12 struggles of every indecisive person

You are always troubled when you are supposed to make a decision because, you can never decide what you want to do. Being not able to come to any decision is actually an ability for a person like you and a curse for your family & friends. At almost all situations, you are the only one who is calm while others lose their patience over your taking ages to decide. Even though you get all the pleasure in troubling others with your natural inability to decide, you still have a few things you struggle with in life.

1. You can never decide what to wear!



2. When you go on a date with a girl/guy, you are never sure if you like her/him or not.


3. You can’t decide whether you want to got to a party or laze at home.

regret the decision



4. You end up wasting a lot of time because you can’t settle with any thought.



5. You think about “what-ifs” a lot! “What if this doesn’t work out?” “What if he leaves me alone at the party?” “What if this idea fails?”

jennifer annistan thinking


6. Your relationships are never long enough because you are never sure about your feelings and future.

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7. You end up starving or eating too late because you can not choose which restaurant to go to.

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8. You don’t know what you want. 

bad at makign decisions


9. You can’t choose the right gifts for your friend.



10. When you are asked to make a quick decision, you panic.

help me


11. You ask your friends to make all you decisions for you. 



12. You hate it when people ask your career plans because you don’t have an answer.


13. Everyone who knows you is always angry with you because you can’t make any decisions.


14. You can’t decide what to buy.indecisive-penny-big-bang-netflix


Did we get it right? What else do you think is a struggle for you?


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