How dog lovers helped Ramu, a stray dog, to get its face back with plastic surgery

During a turf war with a herd of pigs, 6-year-old dog, Ramu was hurt a lot that he ended up defaced.  Social worker R Preethi had taken him to Madras Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) hospital. The vet took out numerous maggots that were feeding on his rotting face.

Ramu had grown up near railway quarters in Ayanavaram, Chennai. People knew him from his birth and knew that he was a loyal dog. After his turf war with the pigs, he returned 2 days later with a damaged face. His right eye was swollen with the pig bites.

“Ramu’s right upper jaw had been torn off from below the eye socket. We performed skin grafting by transplanting a skin tissue from his neck. Ramu will be under medical supervision for three more days until wounds heal.” Dr R Sokkalingam performed the 4-hour-long cosmetic surgery with three vets to get Ramu’s face back.

Ramu’s medical bills were paid by animal lovers who had seen him grow in their vicinity and donations made by animal lovers from various Facebook groups.

“It is a miracle he survived. He had been bitten about a week ago and survived the wounds,” said Dr Sokkalingam. This was the first time a face grafting surgery was performed on a dog in the hospital.

Source: Times Of India

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