Stephen Hawking saying “Piss Off” in this video will make your day

Physicist, Stephen Hawking is an icon. After seeing Stephen’s encouraging response to Eddie Redmayne’s performance in ‘The Theory of Everything’, there is no doubt that Stephen does not like creativity. The other thing about Stephen is that he loves to joke around and is quite a good sport at receiving jokes too. Stephen has recently starred in a Comic Relief Red Nose Day sketch made for charity in response to the Ethiopian famine. Stephen being Stephen shoots witty and funny responses at the actor, David Walliams who plays the role of Lou from Little Britain and is Stephen’s care taker. The dumb care taker talks about ducks and other dumb stuff when professor Hawking brilliantly tells him to “piss off”. Words -“piss off” sound amazing coming from Stephen Hawking in the video. Watch and laugh hard.

PS: Later in the sketch, pissed off Professor Stephan transforms himself into a large-sized robot, destroys the nun who accompanied Lou and chases Lou to destroy him too. We will bring that video to you as soon as it is available. Promise!

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