10 amazing quotes by Stephen Hawking that will inspire you for life

Imagine yourself  suffering from one of the deadly diseases. What do you do? Feel sorry about yourself and wait for death to arrive? Well, you are gifted life just once and so make sure nothing pulls you down, not even a deadly disease.

Stephen Hawking was focusing on his studies regarding cosmology at England’s University of Cambridge, when he was officially diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. After extensive testing, he was given his diagnosis. In essence, the condition involved the nerves that controlled the muscles. These nerves were shutting down and Hawking was given just two years to live.

But his will to live and make a difference, helped him survive many more years and so he went on becoming an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and director of research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the university of Cambridge.

Stephen Hawking’s life is an example in itself and so here are some of the quotes from him which can bring about a change in everybody’s life.

1. A curious soul can conquer the world. Curiosity can help find you answers to the questions which were unanswered for decades. A person who simply accepts facts as it is has got nothing much to do in life. Curious people live their life to the fullest and every answer helps them be a step closer to their goal.

2. Intelligence is not measured by the number of formulae you remember. Nor you are a certified intelligent person if you can recite mantras without knowing their meanings. Intelligence is accepting the fact that what you are doing today is never going to be the same and things change every now and then. Change is the only constant in the world. The one who accepts this, will live a meaningful life.

3. Success comes eventually. You just have to work hard and be patient. Great achievements take time and the real test is to be patient and consistent till the goal is achieved.

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4. Yes, there are people who think life has already been written and destiny decides your role in the universe, but little do they know that hard work, dedication and passion has the power to change the destiny.

5. Stay positive, live a healthy life and most importantly, smile. That’s how you live a life. If you will always complain and shout, people will move away and in no time you will be sitting alone doing nothing. Attitude is an important aspect of life, change it to positive and you are half way through.

6. Reality is something which is sometimes difficult to accept, hard to believe and sometimes it looks better than your dreams. It is true, there is no sure shot picture of reality, but just try to accept the bad ones and live the good ones.

7. Yes, sometimes you have to look for a clue or a sign from the universe. If you are lost, try and find the way out, it might not be straight ahead of you, but somewhere round the corner. Find it and start walking. Because hidden ways take you to the golden doors.

8. Half knowledge is dangerous. It is rightly said. People with insufficient information shout most of the time to make their point and people who are enlightened, let their work make the noise. Not knowing is not a crime, pretending to know is one of the biggest ones.

9. Fun – an element which makes your life lively. Some people die at the age of 15 and are buried at 75. We call them non-funny, serious machines. You live your life just once, make sure you laugh most of the times, because none of the other things will help you stay lively and active. It rather makes you dull. And who likes dull?

10. Beauty lies in imperfection. The moment you think it’s perfect, you lose the charm. Always keep that Black dot on the White canvas. It will help you paint beautiful pictures every next time. The moment you rub off the dot, you get a perfect picture and you have no more ideas left.


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