Sony launches motion-sensing music effects controller on Indiegogo but you can’t use it yet

Sony has launched another device that is pointed toward assisting you with controlling music as you move. The company has launched Motion Sonic, which it portrays as an “effects gear to control sound in sync with your motion for playing music.”

The device is like a tiny capsule that can be fitted onto two different kinds of bands. One of the bands can be placed on your wrist much like a fitness band. This band can be worn while playing an instrument like a guitar. The other band can be worn at the back of your hand. It is better suited for playing devices like keyboards and pianos.

What the device actually does is, it links the motion of your hands to certain music effects. For example, you could set it to delay sound in sync with moving your arm up and down. You could also set it to pull a note when you roll your hand. These effects are all made and saved on an iOS application, at that point you need to connect your iPhone to your instrument with the audio interface which is not compatible with android(yet).

An intriguing piece about Motion Sonic is that Sony has presented it on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo instead of launching it on its own site. Yet, this isn’t the first occasion when that Sony has launched a gadget on a crowdfunding platform first. A year ago, it launched its Reon Pocket wearable air-conditioner on its own First Flight platform. In any case, it was restricted to Japan with Indiegogo, Sony is making this gadget accessible in the US and in Japan. This implies that for individuals living in different nations, this device stays unavailable. The first 400 units will sell for 23,900 yen or $218, and the retail price is 27,200 yen or $248. The product is scheduled to ship in March next year.