Pakistani students make thought provoking graphics as a tribute to the kids who died in Peshawar attack

16 December 2014, 7 gun-men entered a school premises in Pakistan and killed 132 children with 13 adults. The everyday life of several kids in the Army Public School, Peshawar was scarred by the terrorist’s attack. The kids who survived are still under the fear of witnessing deaths around them.

Remembering the innocent kids who lost their lives, students from Indus Valley School, Pakistan dedicated a few of their artworks to the children of Peshawar which a newsletter named Dawn catering to Pakistan, South Asia and the world, shared on 6th of March.

The young artists in their interview shared that their intentions are to awaken the people who have started to take frequent violent attacks as a part of their lives, they want to wake up the people who have gotten numb and cold to other’s sufferings.

These images are truly and extremely thought provoking.

1. By Huda Tufail

we failed

2. By Atif Ashraf

some stains dont wash out

3. By Maheen Jam


4. By Inshal Sidiqui


5. By Mahnoor Khwaja


6. By Reja Zahid


7. By Salman Qaisar

I forced him into the hand sof death

8. By Anosha Zia


9. By Sibte Hassan Azad

seconds to kill

10. By Zahra Abdus Samad

back to school

11. By Hafsa Jamal

an indifferent nation

12. By Mehak Tanweer

some marks stay forever