Dude sleeping on the office couch got fame as his colleagues made hilarious memes of him

Like most of the NBA fans, Haukur Alfreðsson too did not want to miss the championship series game between the Cavaliers and the Warriors. Because he lived in Iceland, he stayed up till 4 am to watch the game. You can imagine how his next day at work would be.

Haukur Alfreosson sleeping on the office couch

1. Haukur is a copy writer in an ad agency, Brandenburg, Reykjavík. As soon as Haukur’s colleagues caught him sleeping on the office couch, they decided to take his picture and put it up as different memes for fun’s sake.

hunted down

2. According to him, his 15 minute-long nap costed him tons of embarrassment.

awkward situation

3. Because he works in a creative agency it is all right to have such pictures float on the internet. Haukur has himself done such pranks on his team members. So, now, it was his turn.

sleeping during a performance

4. How could they have missed putting his picture as a sleeping beauty.

sleeping beauty

5. Spin, spin, spun!

sleeping and spinning

6. Weeeeeeeeeee…!

out of a canon

7. How could anyone miss this image.

sleeping in an ancient scene

8. The popular films!

sleeping in some popular movies

9. The last supper!

the last supper

10. That moment when you look out of the window and you say, “WTF”!

sleeping out of a plane

11. Sleep, my angel. The day is going to be pretty cloudy.

sleeping on the cloud

12. DJ got me falling in love.

dj got me falling in love

13. Draw me like one of your Spanish girls.

draw me like one of your spanish girls

14. We must say, this has gotten Haukur all the fame he needed.