15 signs your partner is not into you anymore!

You have been dating each other for a while but there are some things that have changed and you don’t understand them at all. Your partner seems to be indifferent to notice them too.

Is your partner really into you? If your partner is giving you 10 of the below cues, it is time you set yourselves free.

1. You don’t know where your relationship is going

You have been in a romantic relationship for quite sometime but you simply can’t figure out where your relationship is going. He doesn’t say anything about the future.


2. You haven’t been introduced to his parents as THAT special girl

You haven’t entered his home when his parents were around.


3. You have only seen his parents in his Facebook profile pictures

While their other opposite sex friends know more than you do about them.


4. You partner seems to be absent from important moments of your life

You told him to be present on your promotion party, anniversary and many important events but he/she couldn’t be seen anywhere.


5. You know you can’t count on him/her for emotional support

They have always been absent at such moments.


6. You feel he is lost somewhere when he/she is with you all the time. 

You don’t feel his/her presence like you used to.


7. When their hugs and kisses reek of reluctance

They don’t show affection in any way.


8. When you are the only one talking when together

You don’t how to get him/her to talk to you. You tried making conversations but he/she seems disinterested.


9. It’s been days since your chatty evenings have turned silent and gloomy. 

You don’t know what is wrong and all this is killing you inside.


10. Your partner is not able to take time out for you and is busy meeting his/her friends

This is a SIGN.


11. Suddenly your partner has started to criticize you a lot

While earlier they were supportive and all praise about you.


12. You partner has put a lock on the phone and hides the phone while replying to messages

Your partner is totally keeping secrets from you.


13. His/her phone is always busy and all you do is wait for them to call

Every time you call him/her your phone call is always on waiting.


14. You partner doesn’t look at you the way he/she used to

You partner avoids making eye contacts with you.


15. Your partner avoids meeting you

They are either too busy or they cancel their plans to meet you.


Communicating and discussing issues help save every relationship. We suggest you speak about your relationship before you jump the gun. May be the love is not gone, may be you both have a second chance!