Sikh boy who helped an injured kid with his turban gets a great surprise

The selfless boy of 22, Harman Singh, is someone whom everyone knows around the world after he helped, 6-year old Daejon Pahiahit who was hit by a car in a road accident. Harman broke a very strict religious protocol & removed his turban to tie it around the kid’s bleeding head to stop the blood loss.

harman singh the sikh hero helping the kid


When the Sikh hero was interviewed by numerous new channels, people pointed out that Harman had no furniture at all except for a few plastic lawn chairs and a mattress to sleep on. To appreciate his good deed and to reward him for being considerate of other’s situation a New Zealand TV station decided to give Harman a great surprise which got everyone a bit teary (We cried too.) You must watch this video to find out what it is. Happy times for Harman Singh begin.