10 simple secrets to flourish your relationship!

In the beginning all is perfect, then that perfection loses its ting! No, that is absolutely untrue! It is still perfect, but you have stopped feeling it!

The reason is, you are not ‘trying’ to be in a flourishing relation, allow yourself to do some stuffs given here to have that perfection feel. There must be a million ways, but I have found out a few which are surely going to work! Do try and see the change for yourself :)

1.  Be what you are, don’t fake!
Reality bites! Yeah, but not if you love the person. Faking an attitude or even an orgasm is a big NO.


2. Accept him/her, not the money
Divide the expenses as far as possible, and girls, at times allow him to spend too. (He loves that, you know)


3. Grow up together; being in a relation
Growing up in a relation is more important than growing up as an individual. Respect, love, care, and a head strong decision for your relation is what should be in your mind.


4. Have lot of sex! I just said that – a lot!
Many may disagree, may! But have a lot of those fantasized stuff behind the wraps, you both will then ‘enjoy’ being in love.


5. Solve your fights before you go to sleep
Fights happen, people create trouble, but don’t let that carry you away from the reality. Solve it, hit it right! Let the morning be actually bright.


6. Watch a lot of movies!
Visit theatres, or just home movies, make it a ‘must- do’ in your list every week at least.  Girls plz watch the action stuffs with him, and guys, start adoring the romantics.


7. Learn to appreciate
Not necessarily their work or profession, but the work he/she does to keep the relation upright and amazing daily and even the right decisions taken.


8. Understand, if not, stay calm
At times you may just feel blue and all wrong when the person is not trying to understand you; here you need to be calm and patient to act accordingly, rather than playing those clichéd blame games.


9. Cook. Together.
Yes, even the guys. Engage yourself some day of the month in active cooking – together! Even an innovative Maggi will work wonders. You can have fun out of it.


10. Lastly, never cheat!
This is the worst part in any relation that causes splits, tension, and stress. Love him/her to the core.


Before leaving you with these small wonders for a great love life, lemme share a story that will move you! A sweet love letter from Brad Pitt to her ‘Angel’ina! A must read, this one.


Yeah, he is hell of a lover, right? I know what your thoughts are upto! ;)

If you have such a person, take care of the relationship, not all are so lucky!

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