12 easy science-backed diet tips to lose weight

A tight schedule can really cost you a lot because the only options you will end up relying on are take out meals, processed ready-to-eat food packages and skipping on eating food. All these will lead into unhealthy body conditions and even putting on more kilos. Keeping your weight under control gets tougher with the amounts of calories you will end up gaining. So, here we bring to you 12 really effective science-backed tips on losing weight and becoming a healthier person intelligently.

1. Change your plate!

According to a research, if your plate matches the colour of your food, you are likely to stuff yourself with more food. However, if your food is in contrast with your plate, like white pasta on a red plate, you are likely to eat less. Because if the food and the plate look similar, your mind will feel that the food in the plate is not enough. The plate that will help you to eat less amount of food is one that is blue as the colour will blend the least with food.

blue plateSource

2. Eat all meals even snacks!

Do not skip any meal. Eating just one meal a day after a long period of time can lead to diabetes and other unhealthy conditions. Eating every small quantities every few hours actually helps in boosting metabolism.


3. Stock your fridge right!

Stock your fridge with healthy products. Veggies, fruits, frozen veggies, juices, and all healthy produce and proteins should be in the fridge. This will help you cook some healthy meals  all the time.

stock fridge rightSource

4. Eat in the morning.

Not eating a protein rich breakfast may lead you into binging during the lunch hour. So eat your morning meal, daily.


5. Stock your pantry right!

Research says seeing or smelling food can increase cravings and hunger. So, you got to keep all the fat cans and packs behind healthy choices like nuts, lentils, whole grain pasta, etc.


6. Serve food like restaurants do.

Try to make your plate look beautiful and make sure you serve less portions just like the restaurants do. Keep the rest of the food in the kitchen. Once you have finished the serving, think to yourself if you would like to eat more. Sometimes, loading up the plate during lunch and dinner, lead us into eating more than our bodies want.

restaurant plateSource

7. Use smaller plates.

While serving dinner, try taking a plate of a smaller size (8-10 inches). The white empty space on the plate is often associated with less food serving. People tend to eat more because they think they have not eaten enough. Smaller plates will look fuller and will make you feel full too.


8. Eat slowly.

Chew the food slowly. Eating fast will not make your body feel full.

eat food slowlySource

9. Stuff up all the veggies. 

Add veggies to all your meals. Cut down on cheese by adding more veggies so you eat right. It is all about healthy choices and switching between healthy alternatives.

veggies and hummusSource

10. Go, fiber yourself!

Add a lot of fiber to your diet. Eat apples, veggies, oats, and lentils. Make sure your serve yourself at least five grams of it per meal.

low fiber dietSource

11. Only opt for natural sugars present in the food. 

Avoid adding additional sugar to your food. Even if you need to add sugar, put less amounts of it.


12. Drink water before meals

Drink water before your meals and you will feel fuller fast!


We hope you lose weight healthily!