15 reasons why samosa should be your real bae!

Enough with all the bae stories and the complex situations that follow. I mean seriously, who got the time to waste on people when you can drool on samosas?

Amirite, yougaiz? Here’s why nobody else, nobody at all, but samosa is your real bae!

1. It doesn’t expect anything, just wants you to savor its taste.

samosa loveSource

2. It looks like piece of love, you get the vibes of feels even when it is meters away from you!

samosa fillingsSource

3. And the fillings inside remind you what the feeling of love is.

samosa feels


4. They are taken with this awesome chutney. Have you ever seen a better combo than this? Khub jamega rang, jab mil baithenge teen yaar – samosa, chutney, aur tum!

samosa and chutneySource

5. Samosa won’t ever give you tears. They might give you tears of joy, though. 

samosa and tears of joySource

6. Samosas taste like heaven. Has anyone ever satiated your taste buds as much as they do?

taste as heaven


7. They are low maintenance. They don’t demand anything, they just believe in giving.

low maintenance samosaSource

8. They always smell nice. Haah, nice is an understatement when you talk of the aroma…

samosa aromaSource

9. Samosas taught you what love at first sight is. 

love at first sight samosa


10. Samosas don’t judge you when you flunk your exams or mess up a date. They will be always, always there for you.

non judgemental samosaSource

11. They won’t tell you, “beta, shaadi karlo.”

beta shaaadi karloSource

12. Or ask, “beta, tumhare kitne marks aye board exams mey?”


13. Or say, “dekho Sharma ji ke bete ko. IIN sey engineering kar raha hai. Tumse kuch na ho paayega.”


14. Instead of giving you nasty looks when you cry while watching rom-coms, samosas will be there with you, giving you company!

nasty looksSource

15. And lastly, this is how they look. As they say, a picture speaks for thousand words – 


You crave for a plate of hot samosa right now, don’t you? Go get one. Got any other reasons why you love samosas? Let us know in the comments section below!