You won’t believe what this tiny device does to your running shoes!

If you are health conscious and love to go for a run every day or if you are a professional runner representing your state this year, this product is one thing you would love to get your hands on! Mino Shoe Life Tracker is an innovative device that reads the life span of your running shoes.

mino website screen shot

With this device the wearer will know exactly when he needs to get his new pair of shoes. “Mino seamlessly fits under the sock-liner or insole and shows how much life is left in your running shoe”, reads the website.

The tracker detects the life of your running shoes by tracking the support and cushioning inside them. What a brilliant product for professionals and health freaks!

minomino uncovered


Mino Shoe Life Tracker comes with four progressive light markers that tell if the shoes worn are still good to be used or if it is time to head to the market to buy a new pair.

mino shoe life tracker


The tracker needs no charging or calibration and can only be used once. So one pair of shoes can have one mino in them. The day you buy your new shoes, you will need to remember to buy your Mino Shoe Life Tracker too. All running shoes need to be fully cushioned to avoid any injuries. If one is unsure about the life of their shoes, one can use this perfect device.