This prank by RJ Naved shows we are ashamed of not knowing English, but indifferent to regional languages

Something has gone really wrong with us. With the influence of western culture, we have started to be who we are not. When you are invited into a group of people from Punjab, you smile and tell that ‘you don’t understand their language’. Same is the case, when a Bengali approaches you and asks you a simple question in Bengali.

The answer is always simple! “I don’t know your language!”

radio mirchi murga english nahi aati

But what happens when a guy approaches someone who does not know English and asks for directions?

radio mirchi murga english nahi aati asking directions in English

Why do we hopelessly try to talk in English when we don’t know it?

Attempting to talk in English is fine by why are we ashamed of accepting the fact that we do not know how to talk in English? Why do we give people a chance to make fun of us? Has something changed? Is our culture impacted by all things western? Watch this video by Radio Mirchi Murga and see how people reacted when RJ Naved talked to them in three different Indian languages and then interacted in English. There is a great difference!


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