12 reasons why your parents are the coolest set of people on this planet

You’re here because of them. An education degree, success, good behavior, and a being a good human being – you could have never been any of these without their contribution. Be it time or money, they never gave second thought on spending them for you. Yes, you are guessing it correct. They are our ‘Parents’, and 27th July is their day, Parent’s day, so we must make sure that their day should be made.

Though each and every parent round the world is different there are certain characteristics which are common to all of them. We have listed down here all of those in this list. Go on, read, smile, share it and hug your parents tight!

1. How much ever brat you might be, your parents will always love you unconditionally. Like you might break their brand new cell phone but after a few scoldings, they’ll back to their loving state.




2. You’e sure to have a BFF, a best friend, a good friend, a friend and the enemy. Pretty obvious, everyone is treated differently. Surely, your friend won’t now the list of your crushes. On the contrary, it doesn’t happen with your parents. To them, each and every kid is alike and they love them all equally.

Family love


3. And then you have that classic look when you ask for those lavish gifts. “Hey dad! Please get me that new bike” *classic you-must-be-joking expression appears*

New bike


4. Obnoxious and adamant as hell you might be, and sure you’ll be confident to take care of yourself, you’re pretty sure to mess up things. Yea, that happens every single time, let’s just face it. But even then, you’ll always find your parents having your back.

thick and thin


5. Wait! Did you just said you’re dating a new person and are introducing him/her to your parents? Be self set to get a million questions fired at you in a milli-second. No exaggerating here, this shit happens. Every. Single. Time.



6. Stopping you from watching those restricted websites to protecting you from mean people -they have done it all, just for you. You might have found them creepy then but you can’t thank them enough now.

moral fiber


7. This happens once in 10 light years, we know, but if by devil’s blessings you top your class, you’re going to be the hot topic of discussion in your parents’ social circles.


8. It might be your mother’s wedding jewellery or your father’s cherished, vintage vehicle – they will never hesitate to sell it off to pay for your dreams. Okay where are my parents? I need to hug them right away *writes this teary eyed*

Mom and money


9. Believe it or not, neither your partner, nor your best friend, but only your parents can bring that million dollar smile on your face. Yep, no doubts in there. *blushes like an idiot*



10. This is not just me, but I can bet that successful people all over the world are what their parents had dreamt of, then.

happy graduation student full of success outdoors


11. If you’re single, your parents would feel that you undoubtedly are the most eligible person out there to get married to.

Father Daughter


12. Oh, and how can we forget their face when we talk about how intelligent our spouses are! Nevertheless, even with that face, they still manage to look cute somehow!

spouse reaction



So wait no more, love your parents, take them to the best restaurant for dinner tonight. And surely we’re missing out a few points, so drop in your favorite parents moments in the comments section below.

Written by Bhakti Patel