12 reasons why you should start expressing your feelings to your loved ones

Relations are complicated – some say that. I do not believe it completely. What kind of life would that be, if it doesn’t have any ups and downs? That would be so boring and monotonous. Problems do come in everybody’s life, but remember they come with a return ticket to hell! Time holds the greatest power in the universe. Things done on perfect timings would make your life more beautiful and in relationships there’s no tomorrow.

So if you love your family and friends, do not wait for tomorrow. Express your feelings because remember time has wings! Here are some of the scenarios:

1. Tell your brother how much you miss him when you play video games alone!
Because he’s just a call away!

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2. You are married and love your wife crazily but don’t forget to tell your mother that you still love her the same!
Because it’s never late to express your love and responsibility towards your family! 


3. Say ‘thank you’ to your father for helping you build your own image and see the happiness!
Because NOW is the correct time to appreciate someone for what they deserve!

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4. Age makes no boundaries, tell your parents that they will always be  your priority!
Because you were raised and pampered by them at every stage of your life, it’s your turn now!


5. When your wife is tired after a hectic work schedule, surprise her with a  romantic date at home itself!
Because there is NO tomorrow for making your partner feel how much you care!

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6. Very busy with your work schedules? We understand, but do take out time for your kids, take them to a water park or a movie!
Because to make your children happy, at times you need to be a kid all over again. No procrastinating it because your kids would  notstop growing!

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7. If you have old parents, talk to them at least once in a day!
Because never forget, you are whatever you are because of them. Do not let them die with a heavy heart. NOW is the correct time!

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8. Call your married sister and tell her that she is missed in daily family get-togethers!
Because time flies with wings and never returns. Just a single call would get her a  smile along with happy tears!


9. Surprise your husband with his favorite dishes for dinner when he comes back home!
Because it is now or never, every second of the time is a surprise for us. So why not grab them?


10. Be glad that your in-laws fulfill the role of parents in the house, appreciate them for all new things they want you to learn!
Because there is no other time for making someone realize how much you respect and love them!

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11. No matter how often you fight with your friends, do not keep grudges. Just solve it! They hold a special place in your life.
Because ‘Har ek friend zaroori hota hai’! True hai yaar! 


12. If you haven’t met your mother since long, please go to her and make her feel special!
Because she is your mother, she deserves to be above all the supreme power! 

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Done with the reading? If yes, go hurry up. Call your loved ones and meet your friends, but hey, before that just click on ‘share’ options above :)