25 reasons why our sisters are the best people!

Sisters are generally described as cranky, irritating, and disturbing but most importantly behind all these layers there is a fine soul with whom you can connect. You can depend on her completely and you can totally be yourself without having the fear of being judged. Sisters in a way complete your life. They are your soul mate of the, irrespective if you are a boy or a girl.

I take this opportunity to dedicate this to my best friend forever (as I am the only child), who inspired me to write this article. I am sure everyone out there having sisters will surely connect with the following points.

So presenting all the advantages (or at least I hope! ;) ) of having a sister!

1. She will be there for you all the time
Starting from holding your finger and taking you to dance classes to handling your post break up emotions – you name any incident of your life and the first person you will find beside will always be your sister.

2. She will never let you feel low, she knows how to get you excited
You are low, you snapped exams, you’re having a bad hair day, you got scolding from parents; in short you had a supremely awful day? Well if you have a sister you need not worry. Just start telling her your problems and quickly she will start finding ways to fix your mood. From taking you on long drives to treating you a meal at your favorite restaurant – she will make sure you sleep in peace.

3. She will be there with you throughout in your multiple break ups
She will listen to all your “Why-me-always” and will always blame the guy or the girl for the break up and will make you understand as how still you have your entire career and life to look forward to in future.

4. Family gatherings won’t be boring
She will help you forget all the questions asked to you in a family get together and she might answer few of them on your behalf. So forget boredom during family vacations, instead be prepared to be her partner in crime at some occasions where she will team up with you to trouble everyone in your family. Twin

5. She will jump up in total inappropriate situations and will make you smile
You will have question paper in your hand in just 6 hours from now or you are trying to learn how to survive a lightning strike. You will suddenly see your sister who will pop up from nowhere and will start singing in the most irritating voice and that too loudly. Though after like 10 warnings she will go to bed, but her irritating voice will keep ringing in your head and you are bound to at least grin once or twice thinking that.

6. She is your sister and knows what looks best on you and what is best for you
She is almost the only exclusive human being on the planet who knows you inside out better than you know yourself. Hence listen to what she says. If she says that dress makes you look fat it means it looks fat.

7. Disturb her at 4 am in the morning, she’ll be irritated but at the same time she’ll also make coffee for you
You came back after a cat fight with your friend at 4 in the morning and want to share every detail of that arousing encounter? Just call her up if you are geographically separated or just wake her up if you stay together at any hour of the day and after a little drama of “Why the hell you don’t understand sleep is necessary?”, she will make coffee for the both of you to enjoy the conversation.

8. She will beat the crap out of you, but one minute post fight she will be the one hugging you to death
You spoiled her mood or you did something which made her upset, then beware, she won’t keep it inside, instead she will beat you up till you cant feel your bones. But once relaxed she will come up to you and will say “Do not repeat this” and will give you a tight hug and say “Why is that random girl is not my sister”.
9. Your happiness will be genuinely accepted by her
Sisters and fake show goes in opposite direction. Be it your new Hairdo or new job or new date, she will be genuinely happy to see you happy. Trust me, it’s too difficult to find such people who can feel your various emotions. If you have a sister like that, admire her.

10. Be weird, be abnormal – she will totally understand
You have the habit of roaming around with totally messed up hair or you snore or you bite your tongue often. These situations might be embarrassing in front of the outside world but with sister around you can totally be yourself. Shout, dance, sing, jump, fall – she will do all of that with you.

11. Bought new make up kit? Try on her
New make up kits always are a source of excitement but at the same time you are scared if it will go with your dress or not. But girls with sisters get lucky here. They have a model in the form of their sisters to try this new make up on. Do whatever experiment you want to and she will not say a word.

12. Just like in built memory card she is your in built best friend
What happens when your external memory call gets corrupted or the memory gets full? You turn to your in built memory card. Similarly when you are betrayed by the outside world you can always look forward to your in built family and that is your sister. She will store everything safely.

13. You can share her clothes
Every girl will understand how important this is. As the saying goes – the grass on the other side always looks greener. Similarly you will always like your sister’s clothes more than your own clothes and the best part is you can ask for it anytime you want. What else do you need? Your life is sorted.

14. Your secrets are safe with her
There is a possibility that your mother might disclose your secret under family pressure but your sister? No chance, she will die with your secret but will never open her mouth. Tell her and she will lock it up.

15. She is your official money bank.
No asking for money to your parents anymore. What are sisters for? You are broke? Follow the steps – make coffee for your sister, talk to her nicely, make a sorry face, tell her your problems and she will give you her entire purse. You are rich. Now go shop.

16. You don’t need words to communicate
Be it a Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting or a social family gathering or a friends get together – you don’t need words to communicate with your sister. Somebody wore an awful dress? Just a look at your sister and she will understand. Now different mode of communications looks silly, right?

17. You can laugh out like literally loud (LOL) with her
You totally can laugh out loudest when with her. She will join you and in no time you will be seen competing as in who can laugh louder.

18. If anyone hurts you she will kill them
She will fight with you 100 times in 2 hours but the moment somebody else even tries to point a finger on you she will kill that person to death. Who said boyfriends are more possessive?

19. She will help you in shopping
The best job in the world for girls is shopping, let’s accept this fact. You know what? Shopping just reaches a different level when you go for it with you sister. She will help you buy the best stuff, she will take you for expensive lunches and she might gift you something.

20. You can eat each other’s breakfast, lunches, dinners and heads
“What’s hers is yours” – Hence be it food, phone or whatever you can share. And when it comes to eating her head you can do it royally. Its your right. So be it about your desires, dreams, nail polish or peace – you can keep blabbering in front of her.

21. You can have tons of inside jokes
The best part about having a sister is that you can have secret jokes. So when you see 2 people giggling on you when you speak a certain word weirdly, then understand you are the subject of their secret joke.

22. Want genuine compliments, ask her
Trust me, even if 10 people tell you that you look stunning and your sister says you don’t, believe your sister because she will give a genuine feedback. And when she says you look great, go out, rule the world.

23. Want to bitch about your ex? She will bitch with you
She will not judge you if you will tell her that your partner’s ex looks pathetic. Instead, she will add up interesting points to make the conversation more interesting.

24. You can discuss anything – pins to planes with her
From discussing your bad hair day to discussing your marriage – she will be with you in the entire journey.

25. Most importantly, you can’t imagine your life without her
Very often we fail to appreciate the constant love and care a sister provides, but you will only understand the importance of her if she’s away. 

Not everyone is lucky to have a sister. If you have a sister, admire her and be with her like she stays with you every now and then. 

Do share this article with your sister and tell her how much you love her!

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Written by Priyanka J Patel