21 reasons why readers are simply the best people to be with!

“Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world.”

― Napoléon Bonaparte

The Internet is glutted with articles talking about why a particular set of people are the worthiest of all, when it comes to dating. There are reasons and there are clichés circumferential several topics.

To date or not is extraneous. I am a person who loves to read. In this piece, I would like to delineate some apt reasons why readers are the best people to be with!

1. They are profound thinkers so they will give you the culminating life advice.
And you can count on them, always!


2. They won’t reckon on you for entertainment as they are already consumed by the books they read.
And they’ll never pile on. Personal space on both the sides will be there, big time!


3. They tend to be more sophisticated, intelligent and creative.
That comes natural with the people who read. They have knowledge of the world!


4. They are romantic, passionate lovers who don’t hesitate to express their love.
Given that they have read so many classics and have a great taste, you mustn’t be surprised to know this!

expressing loveSource

5. You’ll get a lot to learn from you, along with getting some personal time for yourself.
Always, always be open to learn new things. Readers will do that the best!


6. They are sensitive and appreciative at the same time.
They know how to appreciate real things, however small they might be. They’re equally sensitive too.


7. They are what they are, they’ll never fake.
And they never play mind games.

being realSource

8. Most of them are successful.
Not a surprise, this one. They’re so determined, success has to be their attribute.`


9. They are aware where their life is leading.
And they know what all tough decisions they’ll have to make.


10. They are always open to learning and exploring new things.
Not only can they teach you a thing or two, but they’ll always be ready to learn from you!


11. Most of them have a colossal taste in music!
Reading, traveling, music, dancing – everything goes hand in hand!


12. They will never blanch from having ‘the talk’.
They’ll never back out from having any important discussions. They can face you if they have made a mistake.


13. Most of them are well traveled and hence are liberated.
Solo traveling, especially. They say, date a person who travels. I’d say, date a person who reads; he/she surely is a traveler by heart!


14. They know how women are and what they want.
The mood swings, the necessity of being cared and the want of being around – everything. They’ll not judge women on the basis of their basic requirements.

I understandSource

15. They are never judgmental.
With them, first impression is never the last impression; rather, it is a life time process of knowing and understanding each other!


16. They are very understanding; they tend to pick up even those things which you might not have mentioned.
Not everything needs to be talked about, not everything need to be told. They’re very sensitive that way. They’ll understand things which you might have kept to just yourself!


17. They will be the ones to initiate a lot of things.
Yes, they will never hesitate to go for the first move!

initiating the first moveSource

18. They would be really into YOU, everything else will be oblivion to them.
Because nothing else, but YOU, would really matter to them. The past, the future, the habits, the flaws – everything is irrelevant to them.

into youSource

19. It is known that most of the people who read are awesome in bed ;)
No seriously, take my word on this ;)

awesome in bedSource

20. They know what is the best for you and would strive to bring that out in you!
They could be your ultimate source of motivation!


21. They are smooth talkers!
And they love having conversations; they love talking.

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Are you a reader or are you with someone who is a reader? Do share this article with them! In case you’ve got any other points which make readers the best people to be with, shoot out in the comments section below!