15 reasons why you must start working out right away!

We know you have been putting it off for quite sometime now for many reasons including you can’t get up early and now it has gotten too cold to leave the cozy bed. But trust us, this is the time should start working out daily! Why!? Just because we have know more important reasons for working out than you have for not working out daily.

1. Because if you don’t, at the age of 30 you will start looking like 40
You will start to notice that your body and your face have started to look like they have begun aging already. If you have been shocking people by telling them you are younger than how old you look, you should clearly call up the gym to sign up for a year.


2. You will be healthier than you are
If you have been falling sick a lot, you should start working out to gain your body power back.


3. Bring back the glow!
Our face skin loses its natural glow due to our stressful lifestyle, junk food and no routine of getting rid of the toxins. Exercising will help you get that glow back.


4. Active and cheerful attitude
No one likes to be around someone who is too lazy for things in life. Get your young-ness back by working out daily.

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5. To fit in your same clothes for the next 10 years without any sings of aging on your face. Be the fittest mom, husband, wife, or father, ever!
Do we still have your attention? All right then! No one likes to face the embarrassing situation of not being able to fit in one’s clothes or look old and unhealthy.

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6. It gets difficult to get rid of extra weight and those extra inches as you hit your late twenties
Dude, I know this feeling and it is the worst feeling ever!


7. You will eat regularly and in good portions
Due to our lifestyle, we don’t make healthy food choices and some of us don’t even eat three meals a day (The ones working in BPOs and media know this). The result is unhealthy lifestyle with doctors telling us that we have clear signs of getting thyroid in mid thirties.

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8. Active mind
You will feel that your efficiency at work and other tasks is getting better.

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9. Stress-free mind and soul
You will feel less stressed because most of the time you will only end up feeling good especially about yourself.


10. Better sleep
Most of us find it difficult to sleep early at night and some of the night owls among us only feel sleepy after 3 am. Exercising will help you get sound and timely sleep.


11. I feel good!
You will feel good for simply doing good to your body! :)


12. For confidence that charms everyone
You will feel a sudden boost in confidence about your body, its posture and its appearance. Being able to fit nicely in your clothes without any loose buttons is the best feeling ever!


13. Lesser chances of becoming sick. You will live longer!
Your body’s immune system will become stronger and you will be able to fight most of the illnesses with your strong and healthy body plus a healthy body lives longer!

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14. For healthy and better sex-life!
Exercising reduces the risk of erectile dysfunctions in men, a very prominent health issue modern men face.

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15. You will become the opposite sex magnet
If you are single then it is definitely a feel good factor to receive good flirtatious signs from the opposite sex. Committed couples should start working out together to become a factor of envy for other committed gym members. ;)


I hope all these reasons take your lazy ass to the gym. Ciao!