12 ultimate reasons to date a guy who cooks

“Ladki ho aur Khana pakaana nahi aata tumhein?” – isn’t that the most annoying thing you hear from aunties and uncles? So what if we girls can’t cook or don’t like to cook? We always have a solution and that is to date a guy who loves to cook!

If you love to break stereotypes and believe there’s nothing called gender-specific work, then you should definitely read these 12 reasons to date a guy who cooks:

1. If you don’t like cutting, chopping and using the Karchhi, you should definitely date a guy who loves to cook


2. You’ll taste something new every time. Guys who like cooking tend to experiment a lot


3. If you’re upset, he’ll exactly know what to cook for you!


4. You don’t have to think twice before calling your friends for lunch or dinner.



5. You’ll save a lot of money spent on food from restaurants and fast food joints.


6. You’ll try to flaunt your knowledge of food in front of your friends


7. You’ll get healthy and tasty home-cooked food


8. You won’t have to worry about your kitchen anymore, that’s his department.


9. After a heavy day’s work, you come home to your love and piping hot food


10. While other couples go on dates, you and your guy will spend most of your time together in grocery stores.


11. If you decide to cook someday, trust me, you’re in for some heavy scrutiny by him


12. “Hey! You know what he made last night” will be the topic of discussion with your friends and colleagues the next day!


Got any other reasons to date a guy who cooks? Let me know in the comments section below!

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