The story of this 58-year-old Ravana effigy maker proves creativity breathes everywhere

Talent speaks for one’s self. Wherever you are and under whatever conditions, you learn to be creative and strive to make big for yourself. Creativity exists everywhere even in the darkest of the nooks and sharpest for the corners.

When photography enthusiast, Gunj Guglani discovered a 58-year-old man with a unique creative talent, he decided to let people know about the inspiring man he had a brilliant encounter with. Like each one of us, Gunj too was fascinated with the sight of Ravana effigies crowding the footpaths near Tagore Garden in west Delhi.  The amateur photographer decided to talk the man behind a row of colour-packed Ravana effigies. Madan Lal Lohiya has been crafting Ravana effigies for over 40 years now.

Madan lal lohiya

Madan Lal takes pride in his art and talent. He is definitely a unique artist and what he does can’t be done by just anybody. The 58-year-old owner of New India Ravan Wale, even exports effigies to Australia. He has taught his 8-year-old son the art of making Ravana effigies.  Read what Gunj wrote about the man and his amazing skills.


I met this guy, Madan lal lohiya He lives in titarpur village, near Tagore garden He is 58 atm and been making ravana effigies for more than 40 years now Do you see that tiny ravana effigy there, that is crafted by his 8 years old son who learned the art from his father. He is proud of what he does and he proudly told me that his shop ‘New India ravan wale’ even exports ravana effigies to Australia. Talent exists everywhere in one form or another. #ravana #effigy #dussehrapreparation #craft #artist #talentexistseverywhere #dowhatyoulove #photojournalism #photowalk #instagram #instagood #india_gram #indiaclick #indiastories #delhigram #delhi_igers #flavorsofdelhi #dilliwale #dilliwale #sodelhi #delhi #justdelhi #dfordelhi #saadidelhi #myshoeboxofphotographs #nikon #commentA photo posted by Gunj Guglani (@gunjguglani) on