Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller launched for just $4

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been offering microcomputers for a very cheap price for years and now it has entered the market of microcontrollers, aiming to take on the likes of Arduino.

Raspberry Pi Pico

The organization has today introduced Raspberry Pi Pico for a price of just $4. It seems like a great start for the microcontrollers to be used as a complement to a Pi device, tasked with analog input.

It is powered by the organization’s own in-house silicon — RP2040. It has a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ chip, 264KB of RAM, and comes with support for 16MB of off-flash memory, with 2MB being onboard.

It also has 30 GPIO pins, a USB 1.1 controller (plus USB mass storage mode), and other additions that should help it interface with different projects the user is working on.

As for the availability, the Raspberry Pi Pico will be available in North America through Newark starting on January 25th. It adds that the RP2040 should be “broadly available” to customers sometime in the second quarter of 2021.