From questioning #ThankYouPM’s relevance to appreciating him, Rajdeep Sardesai takes a U-turn in 5 minutes

If you have been on Twitter today, you would have noticed that #ThankYouPM is trending with regards to all that the India is doing to aid the victims of the horrendous earthquake in Nepal. Within hours, help was sent to the victims and a lot of people were responsible for the same. People rightfully tweeted that  should be talked about and not just the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Here’s what was tweeted from Modi’s official account regarding the trending hashtag –


Later on Modi appreciated media for their good work –

Now Rajdeep Sardesai being a journalist, was obviously flattered by this tweet and here’s what he replied –


In case you’re as confused as I am, here’s what he tweeted just a few minutes before the one mentioned above –


What’s with the dual opinions? It wouldn’t be really hard to figure out the reason behind Rajdeep’s displeasure regarding the trend.

Modi 1

Modi 2

From his tweets, Modi can clearly be seen giving due credits to everyone regarding the aid and help given to victims of Nepal.

Now we’re not saying that it’s not possible to be confused about things, but taking a U-turn so quick is not something an ‘intellectual’ like Rajdeep would want to do! Here’s how people on Twitter made fun of his multiple opinions!

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