Artist creates unique street art pieces which can only be visible when it rains- Happy, happy!

Art is beautiful!

A Seattle based street artist, Peregrine Church has created a new art in the city. His artworks only come alive when it rains!super-hydrophobic-wet-sidewalk-rain-street-art-rainworks-peregrine-church-7


Seattle is associated with rains and so the artist thought, he should do something cool that could make people happy while walking down the streets in the rains.You and I have seen a lot of videos of people selling bags, clothes, products, etc. that are stain/water proof. Those products are coated with superhydrophobic coatings. Church has used similar coating to make an invisible ink and has painted the streets beautifully with it. The trick is to see the art pieces it has to rain and since it rains cats and dogs almost everyday in Seattle, people will be able to have a good time watching and reading the stencil art come alive.

Church’s work is human friendly, it is non-toxic, non-permanent, only sometimes visible so it doesn’t harm public properties, and don’t advertise anything. Clearly, a mind-blowing idea to make nasty rains turn into happy-happy ones.