18 qualities of older men which make them the most desirable!

While some men say it is difficult to understand a girl and to know what a girl wants, other men are really kicking asses by being what a girl wants. And those men are mostly older! Girls, if you have had enough of telling your boyfriends to act like gentlemen, and arguing over “why-don’t-you-take-care-of-me” sort of situations, do yourself and your boyfriend a favor! Either stop looking for what he doesn’t have or move on and date an older man. Here are a few reasons why older man are best to date.

1. They are less insecure! They have had their ups and downs which made them what they are at the moment. A mature man will never attempt to impress you in a clumsy way. They will be themselves always!


2. You will love your dates more for they will strongly walk around giving a sign that you are his and that no one should mess with you. 

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3. Mature men know imperfections are perfect. They will never make you feel bad about the zit on your face or your hair on a bad hair day.

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4. Older men understand the thought process of women in twenties. Remember! Girls get mature before the boys.

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5. Older men command respect. 


6. They will be able to handle meeting your parents beautifully.


7. Sex is great with them.


8. They will take you seriously because you are beautiful, intelligent and out of their league.

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9. A small chat about your problems with your older partner will give you clarity and you will always know that they watch your back always.

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10. Older men are mostly ready for commitment. :)

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11. Chivalry is best known to be an attribute of the older men!



12. He knows what to do with his life and is clear on the ideas about his future!

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13. They will never play hard to get, rather, they’ll make sure to be around whenever you need them


14. The Grey hair and the wisdom make them look all the more desirable!


15. From all the experiences that he has got, you’ll get a lot to learn from him.

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16. He’ll have the right amount of maturity; you could be childish and still not be judged! 

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17. He will have a good sense of humor and will be able to have a conversation on any topic of the world!

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18. Lastly, they’ll understand you like nobody else!

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Got any other qualities of older men you like? Let us know in the comments section below!

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