Only a South Indian knows the joy of eating in a banana leaf; watch and learn

Only a south Indian can understand the joy of eating food on a shiny banana leaf. For them, it is a harmonious process of food blending with the flavours of a banana leaf.


leaf and foo combine harmoniously


Banana leaf is unapologetically traditional and comes with many benefits which only a south Indian can count.

the benefits of banana leaf


The tensile strength of the fiber makes it a material that doesn’t tear easily. South Indian believe banana leaves are very strong.

The tensile strength of the fiber


The celestial experience starts with feeling the leaf in your hands. Every south Indian ever! 

the feel of a banana leaf


How is the food served on the leaf? Each dish is ergonomically placed for easy reach and ease of use.

the food serving


Put Chutney brings the first of its  South India 101 series video about ‘The Banana Leaf’. The video talks about everything ‘Banana Leaf’, from how to clean it before eating, to how to place food in it, to the thulping process. Here’s your guide to eating the South Indian style.