PM Narendra Modi attacks irresponsible statements while replying to motion of thanks to President’s Address

My government’s only religion is India first!

The Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was criticized for being soft on Hindutva hardliners. He stated that as the head of the government,  it was his duty to ensure the primacy of the Constitution and control those making provocative communal comments. To reject the “soft-on-communalism” charge, Modi said-

“This country can only be run in accordance with the Constitution. It is the expression of the ethos the country has followed for thousands of years, and reflects hopes and aspirations of the common man. The country cannot be governed by disregarding its tenets. No one can take law into his hands and nobody can discriminate against anyone on grounds of faith. Those making irresponsible statements should remember that being the head of the government, it is my responsibility to determine how it functions.”

While replying to motion of thanks on the President’s Address, Modi replied to the debate saying that his duty is to follow the Constitution, without discriminating people on grounds of religion. “I have repeatedly said that my government has only one religion, India first. It treats the Constitution as its sole scripture and its devotion is only to the country. It worships only the cause of the welfare of all the 1.25 billion citizens. Its style of functioning is geared to achieve the objective of ‘sabka sath, sabka vikas.”

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